About ReNew

Our Belief

Bringing better medicine to the Willamette Valley.

At ReNew Institute, we are leading the Willamette Valley in providing patients — and Pacific Northwest doctors — with better options. Our goal is to ensure that the ideal treatment is accessible to anyone in need by teaching and practicing the latest and greatest in radiology intervention treatments.

Our Doctors

We’re here for you.

We are a collection of experts who want to improve our patients’ quality of life. With over 20 highly specialized physicians working together to support a selection of personalized treatment options uniquely suited to the various vascular and internal conditions prominent in our society today, the providers and nurses at ReNew are dedicated to your quality of life.

Our Specialties

Unique solutions to fit your needs.

We have five specialized centers that perform highly targeted, minimally invasive solutions for most vascular-related conditions. Our intensive studies and cutting-edge research allow us to offer options that were not available even 20 years ago. Conditions that could only be “treated” with pain management now have treatments that actually solve the underlying problems, reducing relapse and helping you regain your independence.

Treatments & Conditions

You won’t believe what we can do.

We diagnose, treat, and prevent deterioration from a wide array of illnesses. Using nearly-microscopic tools and minimally-invasive imaging techniques, our procedures provide an alternative to traditional surgeries. With precision-targeted treatments, ReNew is able to alleviate various health complications and even prevent further damage to the body.

Our Facility

We have a new location!

To serve you better The ReNew Institute (formerly known as Minimally Invasive Specialists and Vein Center) has moved into the 3rd floor suite at the 10 Coburg. With newly remodeled exam, procedure, pre- and post-op spaces, you will experience a welcoming atmosphere and outstanding comfort during your stay. Learn more about how to get here and what to look forward to during your visit.