Patient Journey

Path to Recovery

A day at the ReNew Institute.

Although each patient’s needs are different, depending on which procedures you need, the general process tends to have some similar elements.

The main thing to remember is that, although you have likely been working with another doctor who already helped you identify your condition, we’ll still need to do a consultation visit.
Whether you’re paying out of pocket or with insurance changes the timeline and steps you’ll have to take before you get treatment.

Visitors to our Performance Institute for joint or tendon pain and other musculoskeletal concerns usually get treatment in the form of a simple injection and/or physical therapy and often do not require sedation or a formal procedure.


When you start noticing symptoms...

Whether you were sent to ReNew by another doctor who wants to get you the best solution available or your own research brought you to us, you can rely on us to guide you through your journey to wellness.


Get familiar with your care team.

Even if you’ve been through all the tests and know exactly what is wrong, it’s very important that we talk to you personally and review your situation. This ensures we are taking everything into account when we prescribe treatment. It also gives you a chance to ask questions and choose the best option for you.


Before you show up for your procedure...

Even though most of our procedures are performed in a single day at our clinic, there will be some things that need to happen right before you come in. As with traditional surgery, we need your help making sure you’re ready.


We will give you a pre-appointment checklist to follow that outlines your responsibilities for getting ready. If you have any questions before you come in, your ReNew team contact information is on your checklist.


We will be there for you.

For many musculoskeletal concerns, all you might need is an injection. If you are receiving a more involved procedure, such as many of the Interventional Radiology treatments we perform, this is what a typical day looks like:
  1. Quick intake screening to make sure everything is as expected before we start.
  2. After changing, your team will check in with you and talk you through the agenda for the day.
  3. Your primary attendant will administer localized anesthetic or other necessary medications when it’s time for your procedure.
  4. Your team will be by your side throughout the procedure while additional monitors and safeguards bolster your comfort and keep watch for any potential complications.
  5. After your procedure, your primary attendant will keep you company while your medications wear off — you will never be left alone.
  6. Before you are sent home for the day, your team will perform any necessary check-ins and immediate followup to confirm the procedure’s effectiveness.
  7. Your team also will provide you with a checklist of post-procedure actions you will be responsible for and schedule any followup appointments you might need.
  8. You get to go home and rest at the end of the day.

Follow-up Care

Your body may need time to finish healing.

Before you return to your normal routine, give yourself time to fully recover. More severe conditions may require additional procedures, routine therapy, special maintenance, or medications. It is essential that you follow through on any instructions provided by your ReNew care team to give yourself the fastest recovery and best results possible.