Setting Patient Expectations

We’ll help give your patients the care and support they need.

When you refer your patient to our specialists at ReNew, you’re offering them a chance to eliminate pain – without the risks of invasive procedures. Here are some topics to cover with your patients about starting their care journey at ReNew:

  • It’s important that patients schedule a preliminary consultation at ReNew. This gives our physicians a chance to review options, confirm information, and get to know the patient and their needs.
  • Patients get to go home at the end of the day! Because our practice is centered around minimal and non-invasive care, there is no need for patients to stay for overnight recovery.
  • Each patient will be cared for by a team throughout their time at ReNew. The patient will never be left alone throughout their stay – from intake to exit, a primary attendant, nurse, or team member is always right there.
  • We are in the process of updating our resources and handouts. Please check back in a few weeks.
  • Looking for take-home materials that you can send or give your patients? ReNew’s Customer Journey Infographic explains what patients can expect on the day of their procedure.